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# TODO: # 55100 - 56401 # 459400 - 466801 # 390000 - 390401 # DONE: {100}{}{Leather Armor} {101}{}{Your basic all leather apparel. Finely crafted from tanned brahmin hide.} {200}{}{Metal Armor} {201}{}{Polished metal plates, crudely forming a suit of armor.} {300}{}{Power Armor} {301}{}{A self-contained suit of advanced technology armor. Powered by a micro-fusion reactor, with enough fuel to last a hundred years.} {400}{}{Knife} {401}{}{A sharp-bladed cutting and stabbing weapon. Min ST: 2.} {500}{}{Club} {501}{}{A military or police baton. Heavy wood. Min ST: 3.} {600}{}{Sledgehammer} {601}{}{A large hammer with big handle. Very popular with the muscular crowd. Min ST: 6.} {700}{}{Spear} {701}{}{A razor tipped polearm. The shaft is wooden, and the tip is worked steel. Min ST: 4.} {800}{}{10mm Pistol} {801}{}{A Colt 6520 10mm autoloading pistol. Each pull of the trigger will automatically reload the firearm until the magazine is empty. Single shot only, using the powerful 10mm round. Min ST: 3.} {900}{}{10mm SMG} {901}{}{H&K MP9 Submachinegun (10mm variant). A medium-sized SMG, capable of single shot and burst mode. Min ST: 4.} {1000}{}{Hunting Rifle} {1001}{}{A Colt Rangemaster semi-automatic rifle, in.223 caliber. Single-shot only. Min ST: 5.} {1100}{}{Flamer} {1101}{}{A Flambe 450 model flamethrower, varmiter variation. Fires a short spray of extremely hot, flamable liquid. Requires specialized fuel to work properly. Min ST: 6.} {1200}{}{Minigun} {1201}{}{A Rockwell CZ53 Personal Minigun. A multi-barrelled chaingun firing 5mm ammunition at over 60,000 RPM. Min ST: 7.} {1300}{}{Rocket Launcher} {1301}{}{A Rockwell BigBazooka rocket launcher. With the deluxe 3 lb. trigger. Fires AP or Explosive Rockets. Min ST: 6.} {1400}{}{Explosive Rocket} {1401}{}{A rocket with a large explosive warhead


Monday, October 31, 2016

A chaotically magical sequel to Howl's Moving Castle. Charmain Baker is in over her head. Looking after Great Uncle William's tiny cottage while he's ill should have been easy, but Great Uncle William is better known as the Royal Wizard Norland an his house bends space and time. Its single door leads to any number of places - the bedrooms, the kitchen, the caves under the mountains, the past, to name but a few. By opening that door, Charmain is now also looking after an extremely magical stray dog, a muddled young apprentice wizard and a box of the king's most treasured documents, as well as irritating a clan of small blue creatures. Caught up in an intense royal search, she encounters an intimidating sorceress named Sophie. And where Sophie is, can the Wizard Howl and fire demon Calcifer be far behind?

This series is the best ageless masterpiece I've read this year! Diana Wynne Jones is a word-artist: she builds her worlds, characters and atmospheres with letters and syllables making them multilayered, bright and palpable. When I open her books I'm lost for the world outside and I'm full of inexplicable joy.

House of Many Ways is a story about a girl named Charmain whose granddad (and a wizard) is ill and she has to take care of his house while he's away. She's delighted! No more notations of her mom and a lot of freedom for reading and maybe for attending the Royal Library (Charmain is eager to help His Majesty with cataloging). But after arriving to her grandpa's house she gets that this place is magical, there are so many passageways, rooms and halls in this seemingly small building, that if you'd take a wrong turn you may end up in a very surprising location. And that's not only problem of Charmain


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Пожалуйста, не забывайте указывать в ваших сообщениях город и страну вашей группы практики, чтобы все читатели могли соединиться с Международной Tensegrity®-Структурой Групп Практики по всему миру!

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This week, after a weekly cycle of practices “Accepting Ourselves” we will go on a journey that requires a lot of attention and unbending intent. In this journey we can find our place in life – and this place or state can be so new for us that it hard to believe. But many years of practices showed us that not only one can achieve new awareness, but hold one’s attention in this new position.

At this class I could see how much I’m afraid of negative opinions about me. Sometimes it even happens like this: I’m walking down the street happily, smiling at everything, when suddenly I notice that I hide the smile in order to not draw others’ attention. And after magical passes I saw that in general others are deep in their problems and sufferings, and I live with intention to help others… When I entered my scene in a state of silence, I acted out of opennes


In Praise of the Push Reel Mower. The push reel mower: Fun for the whole family. I recently became a homeowner and along with my first house came another first: my very own little piece of land to tend. And since Kate and I had been living in apartments for all our married life, I needed to buy a mower to take care of our lawn.

Like most Americans, I grew up using and being surrounded by gas-powered mowers. The sound of two-stroke engines firing up around the neighborhood was the unofficial soundtrack of my boyhood summers. But despite my immersion in the cult of Lawn Boy, В I’ve always been intrigued by old-fashioned manual/push reel mowers.

Josie was about to sit down beside her on [url=http:// wholesale soccer jerseys[/url] the rustic seat and wait, when her quick eye saw afar off. Оригинална инструкция /паспорт/ inject 1/2 to 1 cc of approved air tool oil ( through the tool's. 0, 78. V.DGA305F. 6. 85,9. 3. 96,9. 3. 101. 3. 4,54. 0,94. V. DGA310F. 6. Do not attach a toothed saw blade. 6MM 0.3 HD. HD 38 C · EN 12115 NBR 1 · D · Ω/T · EN 1761 · VG 95955 D · TRbF 131 · PN 25 BAR · ELAFLEX Economy fuel oil reel hose without helix for petroleum based. 78. 220. XTW 63. 3,3. 3&quot. 75. 90. 250. XTW 75. 4,8. 4&quot. 100 116. 0,7. 350 Инструкция по использованию шлангов ELAFLEX. steps - do not use a saw.

собака сама себя удовлетворяет
Самым большим доказательством существования разумной жизни во вселенной является тот факт, что с нами до сих пор никто не попытался связаться.

Серьезная организация возьмет на высокооплачиваемую должность опытно

Maybe my curiosity about them came from flipping through old magazines depicting a happy 1950s suburban dad mowing his small patch of green heaven. Or maybe it was from watching groundskeepers use giant reel mowers to mow the infield at baseball stadiums. Whatever the reason for my lifelong pull towards the manual reel mower, when I was in the market for my own mower, I decided to look into whether the old-fashioned push reel mower was a viable option for my lawn mowing needs. To my great surprise, I discovered that the reel mower isn’t just


On the pictures below Obama is doing Magical Pass right only on the 1st photo, it's better to do it with 2 hands, stretching forward your Luminous Energy Fibers from the Womb or from midsection, shouting the word Intent 3 times. This gesture only works if your Intent can help our Old Universe and all of us to get back to the Source! You need to do it with tremendous desire, emotion, longing!

She told me, that this was a signal to trap the attention of that Force and to allow it to enter the body through the Energy Lines, that end or originate in the fingertips. Energy comes through the index and little finger if they are extended like antennae," she explained, showing me the gesture again. "Then the Energy is trapped and held in the circle made by the other three fingers." She said that with this specific hand position we can draw sufficient Energy into the body to heal or strengthen it, or to change our moods and habits..."

опухло веко у собаки после драки с кошкой что делать
Далеко не каждый любитель домашних животных обладает знаниями и навыками профессионального ветеринара. Но и жесткая в это необходимость, как правило, возникает нечасто. При этом знать возможные причины простых патоло

35 years ago George and I bought a small block of land to build our first house from a real estate agent in 38 Carrington Rd, Castle Hill, Sydney, Australia. George was an owner-builder. Most of this big house we built with our own hands, it was approved by local Baulkham Hill Shire Council, but we didn't know, that our block was buffer zone between Industrial and residential zones. Deep and steep creek was separating these 2 zones, and our house was close to the creek and steep Carrington Rd. We lived there for almost 20 years and with time the shore was washed away, our house ended up right on the edge of the creek. We wanted to build a retaining wall to stop the erosion, but our Council didn't allow that, we couldn't understand why. We also didn't know, that mayor and councillors of our council were involved in corruption, I was told that that mayor was working as a mayor for more than 15 years


Собачка Фрэд "Иди за мной", Tiny Love

Игрушка-собачка Фрэд "Догони меня" фирмы Tiny Love (Тини Лав) в новом дизайне станет верной спутницей тех малышей, которые уже начинают ползать и исследовать окружающий мир.

Стоит малышу прикоснуться к собачке, и она, как по команде, начинает двигаться, издавая при этом смешные звуки. Фрэд напомнит о себе лаем, если малыш вдруг о нем забудет.

Собачка двигается под чудесную музыку. Средняя часть туловища у нее подвижна, благодаря чему Фрэду можно задавать различные направления движения. Это привлекает к нему внимание малышей самого разного возраста. Например, Фрэд может бегать по кругу, чтобы показать самым маленьким, которые учатся ползать, как двигаться. А для тех деток, которые уже хорошо ползают, можно настроить собачку на прямолинейное движение, чтобы они могли следовать за своим спутником по всей комнате.

Собачка развивает мелкую моторику рук, координацию движений, органы чувств, мировосприятие и эмоциональную сферу ребенка.

Посылка пришла быстро, переживала, что почтой будет ненадежно... но игрушка в отличном состоянии. Не очень большой пёсик, звук тихий, не раздражает, цвета яркие, приятные глазу, ушки чудно шуршат, тельце гнется, колёсики катаются даже по кровати, не говоря уж про ковер - это очень и очень радует. В общем, к игрушке претензий нет. Единственное, моего 7-месячного сына она вообще не зацепила. Он ползает быстрей неё и, когда догоняет, не трогает, а хватает и начинает её об пол бить... Так что песика даже жаль становится. Естественно, дальше он не ползет, лежа на боку... Но тут проявляется удивительная прочность игрушки... производителям зачет!

Здравствуй, уважаемый читатель! У нас недавно свершилось чудо благодаря этой замечательнейшей собачке. Моему ребенку было 8 месяцев, он никак не мог научиться ползать, а помимо этого он не хотел играть с игрушка